Lift Every Vote And Rise

South Fulton District 5  2023 Runoff Candidates

Corey A. Reeves (Incumbent)

Keosha Bell

South Fulton Candidate Questions

Corey Reeves 

Question 1: As the South Fulton election heads into a runoff, what makes you the candidate that residents should vote for?

I am in tune to everything in this District, 24/7. Not just the constituents but the business owners and the people who live. Work and play here. Constantly striving to create solutions, opportunities that allow us to create and become the best South Fulton we can be. Looking to lead through ideas of sustainability and efficiency. Not for just a few years but for generations. I am not just a Grady Baby but Georgia Born and South Fulton Made!

You Asked... They Didn’t Answer

Lift Every Vote And Rise inquired with candidate Keosha Bell regarding a statement.

Keosha Bell Response: Thank you for the offer, however, I am currently campaigning, and do not have the funds for any additional ads.

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