Lift Every Vote And Rise

Candidate Questions

The Lift Every Vote And Rise team carefully curated one question to provide voters with a side-by-side look at each candidate and their views on issues voters care about most.

Ward B

Josette Bailey, P.h.D

Occupation: Retired District Level Administrator & Small Business Owner

Question 1: As the East Point City Council election heads into a runoff, what makes you the candidate that residents should vote for?

I’m the only candidate with a proven record of moving the city forward by strengthening the permitting process, providing resources such as additional cameras to improve public safety, and providing access to programs for senior citizens. I’m accessible and responsive. I’m the most qualified candidate to serve as City Council with a focus on priorities of the constituents including enacting standard operating procedures. After the finance department is working at full capacity, it’s time to increase the homestead exemption for all residents for relief on the increasing tax burdens. I support development while making sure legacy residents remain in their homes.

Ward C

No Response To Questions

Ward D

Stephanie Gordon 

Occupation: Councilmember/Brown & Brown Insurance Brokerage

Question 1: What is your motivation for being a candidate in the East Point City Council election?  What makes you best candidate to represent your ward?

My motivation for seeking re-election is rooted in my consistent and unwavering passion to serve the residents and business stakeholders of Ward D. Our city's needs are ever-changing and we have been faced with many unique challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Helping meet the bread and butter needs of our residents is a reward beyond measure. There are also many needs that collectively impact residents of Ward D. Building lasting relationships with individuals, HOA/Community Associations and businesses have afforded me the ability to yield collaborative results in resolving issues throughout Ward D. In 2019, I worked with residents and staff to repair compromised piping infrastructure in Sun Valley. This repair has helped mitigate flooding and sink holes that were in the yards of residents. In recent weeks, we have identified at least 3 more projects in this community that will resolve more of this community's storm water drainage and erosion issues. Mitigating speed throughout Ward D and citywide is a huge safety priority. I have provided residents with traffic calming applications to determine what traffic devices work best in our Ward D neighborhoods. Our city is in a fragile state regarding public trust, I am currently sponsoring an initiative to promote a more open government by implementing transparency software in effort to provide quick and accessible online access to our city's finances and expenditures. This is only a glimpse of the important work that lies ahead for us. Our close-knit relationships have proven there is power in collaboration and I look forward to leveraging our partnerships to achieve an even greater good for Ward D.